Connections — Zeitgeist Journal Vancouver

This project was part of the Zeitgeist Journal Vancouver project by the Emily Carr University Health Design Lab. It is a documentation of biographic fragments of people living in residential care in an attempt to create a platform for interactive exchange between generations.

Featured in
ECU Health Design Lab Year-End Showcase (2018)

Designed in collaboration with Angela Donakhristi


Design Research
Publication Design

This publication was designed in response to examining change and the people who have experienced and shaped the spaces we know today - in particular, Vancouver. The designers got the opportunity to work with Betty and Ollie, two true Vancouverites with fascinating stories to tell. The residents’ life experiences and personal stories were visually mapped out and presented using a combination of both digital and analog design processes, such as collages, colour laser prints, hand drawn illustrations, and risograph printing techniques. Not only does the publication convey a combination of media, it speaks to the merging of history, time, and generations.

The project is a simple exchange of stories between generations and different backgrounds. “Connections” aims to foster understanding in residential care by connecting the reader to the residents’ personal histories and their contributions to a city they hold close to their hearts.

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