Faces of Emily Carr — Rebrand

Faces of Emily Carr is a photo cataloguing project run by Woo Publication featuring interviews from ECUAD students and staff centred around their  practice.

Adobe Top Talent 2019 Award Recipient

Photos taken by Zoë Boudreau.


Creative Direction
Publication Design
Website Design
Motion Graphics

For this project, a new logomark and brand was designed. It was important to design an identity that was sustainable, adaptable, and able to integrate the creative and collaborative voices of the ECUAD community into it by drawing their own faces after an interview and contributing to the ever growing.

For screen collateral, motion graphics and simple animations were done to further push the branding and introduce the new logomark. Printing resources were taken into consideration when designing the identity; red ink on beige paper was a main component of the brand and print collateral would have to be easily reproducible, and the identity was designed to be adaptable to both the school’s digital inkjet and risograph printer inks.

Una Gil

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